Reasons To Choose Glass Office Partitions

By on Nov 30, 2016 in Office Fitouts |

Most large office buildings usually have smaller individual offices incorporated in the larger structure of the office. This is effectively achieved by making use of various types of office partitions. Partitions can be various types depending on the materials from which they are made. They may also be used in a number of innovative ways in the office.

Innovative uses of glass partitions

Most offices usually have a limited amount of space. This may require the usage of imaginative and innovative techniques for effectively utilizing the space. Optimum space utilization can help businesses achieve their goals. Folding or sliding partitions may be used to allow the various spaces in the office to be used differently at different times. These partitions can provide privacy when required. Using these partitions, there is no need to permanently reduce the overall space in the office.

The concept of creating smaller office areas with the larger office structures has been in use for many years. However, the evolution of new technologies and techniques allow offices to be created using walls made of toughened safety glass. The various types of glass office partitions by Discount Partitions may use frames or tracks fitted from the floor to the ceiling. The glass panels of the appropriate shape and size are then fitted in the frames. These frames are generally made of aluminium and can be coloured according to preference. For a cleaner finish, some clear silicone may be used between the glass panel joints. Frameless glass doors may also be fitted in the structure.

Glass office partitions can make the office space look bigger and also allow natural light in the office. The transparency provided by them also facilitates communication between the employees. The partitions look sleek and also promote concentration and productivity.

Advantages of glass partitions

Glass partitions provide a number of advantages. Few of them include:

Allow natural light

Unlike the partitions made using various kinds of opaque materials, glass partitions allow natural light to enter the office. The natural light makes the office space appear larger also promotes productivity and calm. The natural light also reduces the energy consumption in the office.

Aesthetic appeal

Unlike the solid concrete or wooden partitions, glass partitions look aesthetically appealing. They exude sophistication and modernity and create a favorable impression on the visitors in the office.

Cost effective

Glass partitions prove to be cost effective alternatives when compared to creating separate office sections and department walls. They can easily be customized to match the existing layout of the office. Installing glass partitions is extremely easy. They can be installed quickly and hence help in saving labour costs. Glass partitions are considered a durable option and generally last for years.


Various types of glass partitions from amongst smoked, linen, frosted and laminated ones may be chosen according to the level of privacy desired. They hence allow employees to concentrate better and hence work more productively.

Glass office partitions look stylish and offer a number of advantages. Choosing a reputed supplier may prove extremely beneficial. You can also get commercial office fitouts for your office.