Who Is The Most Successful Pool Table Player Of All Time?

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The world of pool and billiards is quite fascinating, with some legendary players known for their spectacular achievements. One such player is Walter Albert Lindrum, an Australian professional pool table player who was born in 1898 and died in 1960 at the age of 62. He won the World Professional Billiards Championship from 1933 until he retired in 1950. During his career, he made several records, some of which are yet to be broken. He is one of the most successful billiard players of all time, what with 57 records to his name.

The 1920s Of Pool Tables

During the mid-1920’s, Walter didn’t have much competition in Australia’s pool table scene since many people refused to play him. In 129, Walter played again Will Smith, one of the best pool players and World Champion in 1920 & 1923. However, Lindrum had to forfeit the fourth game after he heard the news of his wife’s death. Later that year, he made a world record break of 3262 and his cue was endorsed with an engraved ivory plate – The World’s Record Break Cue. 3262 Dec, 7th 1929. Walter Lindrum, Australia.

He toured England severally during his career and won many games, emerging as the winner and conceding 7000 points to his opponents. In 1931, he gave an exhibition to the king and other members of the Royal Family at the Buckingham Palace. This earned him a pair of gold and enamel cufflinks from the king bearing the royal monogram. Ho wore those cufflinks daily until his death in 1960.

Completely Dominating:

He won the World Professional Billiards Championships in 1933 and retained his title until his retirement in 1950. It later passed on to McConarchy in 1951 until 1968 when he lost it to Rex Williams. Lindrum performed more than 4000 exhibition games during the Second World War, from which he raised more than half a million pounds for the war effort. In 1951, he was made a member of the Order of the British Empire and seven years later, he was named an officer of the order (OBE) in the 1958 New Year Honors List.

Walter Lindrum made a world speed record in June 1927 when he 816 points in a period of 23 minutes in an unfinished break. In a fortnight match against Willie Smith in 1930, he set an aggregate record of 30,817 in Manchester. His record break of 4137 was made in a match where he played Joe Davis in 1932. This awesome informative article has been sponsored by Pool tables by TR sports stationed at Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane. They also offer quality table tennis table in the catalogue!